Get Detailed Images Of Your Mouth With Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are a proven dental technology Westmoreland Family Dentistry in Oviedo is proud to offer. These small cameras are placed at the end of a wand and can easily be manipulated anywhere in your mouth to obtain highly detailed, accurate images of the structures of your mouth.

What are intraoral cameras, and how are they used?

Intraoral cameras are small digital cameras that fit inside the mouth to capture images of teeth and gums. These high-definition images are transmitted to a computer monitor, where they can be viewed by our dentist and patients on the chairside monitor. This makes it easier to get an up-close look at any potential issues with the teeth and gums, allowing for improved, more accurate diagnoses.

What are some of the benefits of intraoral cameras?

The most significant advantage of intraoral cameras is their potential to improve patient care. By providing a detailed look at the inside of the mouth, imaging with an intraoral camera allows our dentist to diagnose and treat problems more effectively. This can result in better oral health, fewer trips to the dentist, and shorter visits. Intraoral cameras allow us to build more comprehensive patient records, as images are stored and can be referred to in the future.

Who should consider using intraoral cameras?

Anyone who wants optimal oral health should consider using intraoral cameras at Westmoreland Family Dentistry. Whether you have a toothache or want to keep an eye on your oral health, intraoral cameras offer a detailed view of the inside of your mouth.

If you want to learn more about intraoral cameras and how they can help you maintain optimal oral health, contact Westmoreland Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment!


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  • Obtain an accurate diagnosis
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  • Effectively treat dental issues
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